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Title: Coyote hunting according to me!
Post by: Cochise on April 24, 2019, 08:54:05 PM
In this post I'm going talk about what I've come to learn about coyotes. I also welcome anybody to jump in and contribute. To me it's important to get as many people involved in coyote hunting as we can. There's just not enough folks hunting coyotes. There's also a big number of folks that look down on what we as predator hunters do. Even a good number of hunters don't much care for us. It's up to you and me as predator hunters to explain the importance of predator hunting. So in my talking and sharing my respect for coyotes, and my love for hunting them. I hope to bring more people around to our side.
Title: Re: Coyote hunting according to me!
Post by: JohnP on April 25, 2019, 10:31:55 AM
Glad to see you posting here Cochise.  I have only been calling coyotes for a few years, maybe 65 plus years so I don't know a whole lot about it.  I'll add some stuff after I see what is posted but don't think I can add anymore than what you know.
Title: Re: Coyote hunting according to me!
Post by: Cochise on April 25, 2019, 09:42:53 PM
John your knowledge, and experience are very important. What you have seen and done needs to be told. I myself don't really consider myself a predator hunter. I take pride in calling myself a coyote hunter. There are times when I do enjoy hunting other predators. It's the coyote that I've always had the most interest in going after. These days, and it's been for a while. It's not just any coyote I'm after. It's the experience coyotes I try to lure in. What most folks call educated coyotes. It's not that coyotes are being educated that's a problem. We all run that risk every time we make a stand. I've come to learn it's the education that we give them that's important. Is there a way to educate them that would be a benefit to we as hunters? What ways can we use a coyote's strong and weak points to our favor? On every stand I make I'm after what I feel is the smartest, wisest coyote in the area. I want that coyote. I know if I can take that coyote. There's not a coyote out there I can't take. On my quest to lure in that special coyote I've come to learn that a lot of lesser smarter coyotes tend to show up first. Any coyote that responds has something to teach you. The coyote is the best teacher I have. The coyote is the expert. The coyote has a lot to teach. I just got to be willing to learn everything they have to offer. This years season is all but over. By next fall I plan on covering a lot subjects about hunting coyotes. And there's a lot to consider when hunting coyotes. I'm more then willing to tell you everything I've come to learn. Feel free to ask any questions and add any input. Experienced isn't something that matters. I look forward to talk to and with anybody that has an interest to hunt coyotes. Even if you don't have an interest. Give me a chance to get you interested. I know once you start hunting coyotes. It's addictive. So here on out I'm just going to talk.
Title: Re: Coyote hunting according to me!
Post by: Cochise on April 25, 2019, 11:49:13 PM
The bottom line to be successful you have to get a coyotes interest. You have to keep a coyote interest to be able to lure it in for a shot. In that aspect the educated coyotes are no different than any others out there. It's just a matter of what it takes to get and keep a educated coyote's interested. A matter of knowing what a educated coyote fears. Coyotes are smart and only tend to get smarter if given the chance. Once a coyote comes to fear something. That fear will always be there. With the coyote's ability to adapt and to teach their young. Those fears can be past on. Give any coyote enough reasons to fear you. Your chances of calling that coyote in is somewhere between zero and none. A lot of folks make the mistake of learning what others do and try to do the same things. There's a lot people out there that will tell you you will have to do certain things to kill coyotes. Think about it. If everybody does things the same way. And with the same thought of mind. And mix it with the over all ability of todays hunter being more lazy and poorer shots than the hunter of the past. The coyotes are given the chance to be a whole lot smarter these days. There are a lot more people hunting coyotes these days. Most are not very good at it. Coyotes have good reasons to fear predator hunters. There are coyotes out there that know when to fear a hunter. And they will avoid such dangers. You have to find ways to become the hunted and never the hunter. The safer a coyote feels. The better the chance of getting that coyote to come to a call. That goes for the educated coyote also. The educated coyote is more likely to be looking for more types of dangers. Make coyote hunting your own personal journey. Let the coyote decide how you hunt them. It's much easier to conceal what you're doing than trying to conceal what most commonly is being done. Use your own abilities to get the job done. You must always be willing to improve upon your own abilities. After all there's nothing wrong with making yourself better. One thing that I've learned. No matter where you hunt the coyote. The coyote will always let you know how to hunt them. 
Title: Re: Coyote hunting according to me!
Post by: Cochise on April 26, 2019, 11:28:22 AM
The fear factor is something that needs to be understood when hunting coyotes. What is it that coyotes actually fear? Is it people? Our cities are full of kinds of people. Coyotes has managed to do quite well in our cities. Coyotes didn't use to be in the eastern part of our Country. They are there now even with the fact that there's more people there then ever before. Coyotes are where they are now for the simple fact the there was nothing to stop them from doing so. There was no threat to them. Back east with wolves more or less out of the picture. There was no longer much to fear in expanding their range. So what is it we can do to take fear away from coyotes when we start calling? Is it possible to do that? Is it possible to fool the smartest most experienced coyote out there to feel safe enough to come to a distress call? Even with the scent of a human in the air?
Title: Re: Coyote hunting according to me!
Post by: Cochise on April 27, 2019, 12:16:45 PM
When coyotes don't have much to fear. They tend to get bold. Coyotes don't fear people. It's only when people give them a reason, or reasons to be feared. Coyotes don't always fear hunters. Only hunters that pose a threat get their attention. Coyotes can and will learn when they are in danger and will act accordingly. A majority of predator hunters do a lot things that are common. Therefore there are coyotes out there that have learned to stay away. Coyotes are very smart and quick learners. They can adapt to what's happening around them fast. They also have the ability to teach their young. So the over all coyote is a lot smarter then they use to be. That's not quite right. They have always been smart. They have adjusted and adapted to hunting pressure. To continue having success calling in coyotes you also must be willing to do some adapting yourself. The educated coyote can be called in. There are ways of making the educated coyote feel safe.  If you can learn ways to let a coyote feel secure. Your odds of success go up a lot.
Title: Re: Coyote hunting according to me!
Post by: Cochise on April 27, 2019, 02:20:05 PM
One big mistake more people make is listening to the so called experts. The experts tell you how much time to stay on a stand. What calls work the best, Distances between stands, call from elevated areas. Most recommend some kind of overpriced noise box to use. I can't forget you got to cover your scent. I'm also going to blow that wind direction thing out of the water. If these folks that call themselves experts knew anything about coyotes? You would think that the idea of doing things the same and done so by a lot of hunters is only going to get people so far. Yes, if you follow the rules of coyote hunting you can kill coyotes. But only coyotes up to a certain experience level. And with more coyotes catching on to things. That bar is slowly getting lower. One thing you need to understand is the only expert that should concern you is the coyote itself. In my next few posts I'm going to talk about these so called rules. The more you can remove anything that resembles a hunter from your stand the better off you are.   
Title: Re: Coyote hunting according to me!
Post by: Cochise on May 02, 2019, 11:55:05 AM
With the coyote's ability to adapt to dangers you have to be able to hunt them accordingly. Understanding what and why coyotes fear to me is a big part of coyote hunting. Coyotes are fast learners. They have their strong and weaknesses. Trying to figure those things out are important. Then they also have their natural abilities. What do they hear, see, and smell. I'm always trying to use what a coyote knows and does to my advantage. Knowing what a coyote likes to eat, and will eat. How a coyote uses the terrain for which it resides. What attracts a coyote to an area. Understanding territorial lines and where they are. Are good to know. There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a stand. Like I said before. The coyote will always tell you how to hunt them. Most hunters worry what a coyote smells more then anything. They don't want to be busted. What most hunters do to avoid being busted in fact just might get them busted in itself.  Of all the coyotes senses it's not the sense of smell that is the most important. It's their sense of hearing that you should be concern with the most part. It's a good chance that they will hear something alarming before they will smell it. It's amazing how well a coyote can hear. You have a better chance at fooling their nose then you do with what they hear. If a coyote doesn't like what it hears. Chances are they won't be coming in. When dealing with experienced coyotes. You got to understand this isn't their first rodeo. The use of noise boxes will get you coyotes, but they won't get me the coyote I'm after. There are coyotes out there that have learned to detect the differences in a sound is coming from a speaker or not. There are coyotes that have learned to stay away from high volume calling. With the experienced coyote you got to keep it real for them. If it's something they don't expect to hear. You are only alarming them to a threat of danger. How other wildlife react to your presents is also a concern. If other wildlife are alarmed to you in the area. Coyotes will pick up on that also. So before calling. Let things settle down. Give it a chance for believing the threat of danger has left the area. There are coyotes out there that have come to learn that some hunters have left them a tasty little treat behind. So coyotes can come to learn that all hunters are not a threat to them. So the smell of a human isn't always a bad thing. I'm going to talk about what they can and do smell later on. Remember to feel free to jump in here anytime. Join up and let's talk.
Title: Re: Coyote hunting according to me!
Post by: Cochise on May 26, 2019, 01:42:00 PM
I don't believe that coyotes are given their due. A lot of folks don't really don't know how smart a coyote can be. If given the chance to learn? I think one of the biggest things when it comes to hunting coyotes is the ability of the over all hunter. As long as the over all hunter is taking some coyotes. They are not going to put much effort in hunting the experienced coyote. They don't see that there are more and more experienced coyotes out there. More coyotes are adapting to what is going on. The problem with todays hunter is that they are not adapting to what the coyotes are doing. They are still doing what they have always done, or what they were told to do. In todays world there are a lot of coyotes out there that are not being hunted. The experienced coyote has learned to avoid being hunted. With todays hunter being stuck in their ways. The experienced coyote knows what to avoid. The over all hunter may believe that there are not coyotes in the area. But the fact is, If there's a food source around? There are coyotes around. It's just that those coyotes are not going to waste their time doing something stupid. As a hunter you have to be willing to adapt to what the coyotes are doing. You need to find ways of getting that experienced coyote's attention, and keeping it. The less you present yourself as a hunter. The better off you will always be. You need to step out of your world, and step into the coyote's world. You want to be the hunted. As long as your the hunted. The coyote will come looking for you. Even the educated ones. You got to think about a coyote's safety and well being.  If a coyote feels safe? That coyote is more likely to show up. One problem with today's hunter is lack of reading a coyote's body language. To many folks believe that they are being winded when they see a coyote all of a sudden just advert coming in. If a coyote circles wide of you doesn't mean that they are searching for your scent. Always take the time to watch any coyote that is coming to a call. Just before a coyote turns away and decides to break it off. That coyote did something to let you know that it wasn't wind that got it's attention. Think about it. It's always nice to see a coyote coming to call. It's important to watch what that coyote is doing, and how it's coming in. That will let you know how to bring it on in and finish the job.
Title: Re: Coyote hunting according to me!
Post by: Cochise on May 27, 2019, 12:41:10 PM
Getting winded is a big concern for most predator hunters. I don't believe it's a big of a deal that most folks make it out to be. I've have had many coyotes come in when wind should of been a factor. Sometimes I've watched them come in, and others I didn't know that they were there until I stood up and looked behind me. A lot of these coyotes were far from pups. If getting winded is such a big deal. then why wasn't wind a factor during these times? I do know that when I make enough mistakes in an area. Coyotes can learn to fear my scent. Just like a coyote can learn the scent of an rancher. Or someone that tends to want to harm them in any way. They learn their scent, and will try to avoid them when possible. Coyotes can detect a human scent. But if it's not a scent they have come to fear in a certain way. They tend to be cautious but not overly real concerned unless given a reason to be. Like a common dog. Coyotes can detect several scents at one time. So masking your scent is a waste of time. In fact a really educated coyote could learn the mixture of certain scents mixed with a human scent could be a reason for concern. Coyotes can also link a human scent, and even get to know your scent and link it as a easy food source. Ever wonder how many coyotes link the smell of a hunter. (The sound of a shot, or and the mixture of gun oil odor) that has led them to a gut pile? So coyotes don't actually fear hunters. But they can learn the ways of predator hunters and learn to avoid those situations. So anytime you can take the kids out, or go by yourself and shoot some jacks and leave them laying around here and there doesn't hurt you any. It just may confuse the coyotes when they scent you. Is it danger, or an easy meal. The lure of an easy meal just might trump any dangers that they might feel. You just got to be smart about it. Chances are if they come in? They will be coming in real slow and cautious. Remember it's not the fact that you are going to be educating them. It's the type of education that you give that's important.
Title: Re: Coyote hunting according to me!
Post by: Cochise on July 14, 2019, 05:42:12 PM
I've hunted the coyote a long time. There's not a creature out there that I have come across that has learned the respect that I've got for the coyote. To this day I often find myself being tested by this creature. Rather it's the coyote as a whole, or it's one or two different coyotes that make me really think hard on how some way I can bring them in. I myself like being tested. By being tested you learn to be a better hunter. You learn to be humbled. That's no doubt! In order to continue to being successful you got to adapt to the coyote and its ways. You got to know what a coyote or coyotes in general fears. You got to find ways to avoid those fears. That my friends is one of the biggest factors you must consider when hunting coyotes. Try to find ways to let them feel safe. Don't present them with things that they have already come to fear. You must learn to keep it real to them. You are not going to be very successful by treating them like they are stupid. Your just going to bring in dumb coyotes. When you step into a coyotes terrain. You are entering its home. The area for which it has learn to survive. The coyote knows the food that's available to it. The coyote knows where to find it. You got to learn how to use the coyotes terrain to your advantage. The coyote knows its home range pretty darn good. The experienced coyote is going to want to use cover when coming in to you. Always try to give it to them. There are those coyotes that don't use cover. They just come in a little at a time and checked their surroundings really good. Those are the hard ones. But if you give a coyote cover. Chances are good that they are going to use it. When choosing a stand. It's not only important what they hear, or see. It can be important where that distress is coming from. You got to be willing to consider how a coyote thinks and how they do things in order to survive. It's one thing a coyote wants to do. It wants to survive. One thing that I've come to know about the coyote. They may have a lot in common, but there's no two alike. So you can't hunt them all the same. There's always those outsiders to consider also.